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yogah cittavritti nirodhah



Yoga Sutras 1-2

"If you could feel evan a particle of divine love, so great would be your joy - so overpowering - you could not contain it."

Paramahansa Yogananda

Venue YTT


SOUNAYI Yoga Centre,

Avenue Dolez,

1180 UCCLE

This is a beautiful space, full of uplifting energy, dedicated to the practice and study of the yoga tradition.  Sounyai studio is conducive to the practice of yoga disciplines such as meditation, asana, pranayama, etc.  This atmosphere is calm and full of light and looks onto a garden which comes into good use during the Summer months.

Yoga Teacher Training


Brussels, Belgiium

"Veronica of YogaInTheBay is offering one the most comprehensive Teacher Training courses available at very competative rates"


Choosing Yoga Teaching Training with Veronica, you can:

+        Access your deeper intuitive knowledge and express it in your life and your practice

+        Have the freedom of not being tied to any one particular path of yoga, all the while being rooted in the authentic tradition.

+       Gain a greater understanding of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, bandha, philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, anatomy & physiology.

+       An intensive immersion in the yogic way of life will give you the tools and the confidence to start teaching and sharing your love of yoga.



8 Intensive Weekends

Full day Saturday and Sunday

from JANUARY 2019



Contact Veronica for Details


Payment plans available

where necessary



The content adheres strictly to the syllabus required by Yoga Alliance with whom the course is accredited.  However, it goes beyond these minimum requirements.  Veronica draws on her long experience of the study and practice of yoga  to provide a comprehensive education in the yogic disciplines including:

Asana (full range of asanas, classic vinyasa, The inner dimension of asana, modifications, assistance and props, asana for specific population group, asana for various ailments)

Pranayama (Physiology of the breath, main breathing techniques, influencing the nadis and chakras through

Meditation (Guidelines for practice, various traditions and different approaches, the sutras and meditation)

Mudra and Bandha (Main families of mudras and bandhas)

Mantra (Theory, practice and teaching of mantras, various traditions in Naad yoga)

Kriya (Main purification techniques)

Anatomy + Physiology (Physical systems, energy body, nadis and chakras)

Philosophy (History of yoga, yoga Lineage, overview of yoga scriptures as well as in-depth study of The Sutras and The Gita), lifestyle and ethics of a yoga teacher

Teaching Methodology (Organisation of yoga classes, sequencing, principles of Demonstration, assistance and props, real class scenarios)

The course also deals with the "business" practicalities of teaching yoga such as liability, insurance etc.   The scope of this Yoga Teacher Training does not finish with certification.  Veronica is also available to graduates in a mentoring capacity (if they so wish) for any advice they may need when they begin teaching.  Trainees get many hours of supervised teaching practice on the course.


Get a new perspective through Yoga Teacher Training

- Dovile -

"This life if not for wasting, it is for reaching to the wonderlands of your own consciousness"

(Yogi Bhajan)


Yogi, enhance your life through Yoga Teacher Training with Veronica 

Deepen your yoga practice by becoming a teacher with Yoga Teacher Training at YogaInTheBay 


Why Train with Veronica?


  • Veronica has been teaching Yoga for almost 20 years and for 10 years has been training Yoga Teachers in classical, traditional yoga.

  • Veronica’s teaching style is friendly and fun, which encourages learning and interest.

  • YITB Certificate is recognised by 2 International Yoga Organisations (important for the standard and content of the teaching as well as for insurance cover).

  • Veronica only trains small groups to allow for individually-focused attention.

  • Veronica has a long time interest, focus and training in diverse traditions of Yoga.  This uniquely qualifies her to share this knowledge and scope of yoga in her teaching.  (See Syllabus, left.)  She loves Yoga

  • You can become a fully-qualified Yoga Teacher within your “living” environment (i.e. without an absence of 3 weeks to 1 month).

  • The training period is extended over 1 year, enabling absorption and integration of the Course as you go along - at your own pace.

  • The Course Fee compares very favourably with other similar programmes.  Payment in instalments is also available where required.

  • Unlike the majority of other training programmes, this includes many hours of “real-time” teaching practice which instills confidence  to start teaching immediately upon certification.


     Testimonials and feedback are available from YogaInTheBay Teachers in your locality.